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Okay, the big news for the day is that for the next two weeks I’m the guest writer for the webcomic Super Haters.  I hope you dig it.  It’s about a dad abandoning his responsibilities & then trying to reconnect with his son.  I suppose the reason why is obvious….

I was looking at my webstats for July.  Of course the ad on Tiny Mix Tapes delivered essentially no traffic.  But the interesting thing to me is the blog is now getting three times the views as the front page & about as many as all of QRD.  Kinda strange to me.  I imagine it has to do with Google loving blogs.  Also interesting is that I received no webtraffic from searches on Bing as opposed to the 100 or so I received from search engines other than Google.

I’ve been working on stuff for the re-issue of the two Dead Leaves Rising discs from Jon DeRosa (Aarktica) for digital download on Silber.  They should be up soon.

I recently had a review of some of my mini-comics that makes me feel pretty good about them & want to start working on them more again over at Forbidden Planet.

There’s a new video from Azalia Snail for “Death Gets in the Way.”

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m taking my biological son Andrew to a family reunion for the first time.  While I’m in the shower someone kidnaps him.  I’m trying to figure out a way to get him back safely without paying the money while simultaneously killing the kidnappers so they can’t pull this shit again.

I’m in a mall & this store has all these book bags shaped like The Hulk’s head for sale.  The owner tells me he got them on clearance from Hong Kong & plans to donate them to a charity for full retail value.

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3 Responses to Super Haters, Dead Leaves Rising, Mini Comics, Azalia Snail video, Web Stats, Dreams

  1. Nick Marino says:

    You totaled spoiled the first twist in your own story arc!!!

  2. Nick Marino says:

    *totally, not totaled haha

  3. Yeah, I guess I did give away a punchline. Oooops. It’s strange when I think about how my storyline kinda started less based on my real life than it ended up. Though I guess it would’ve been closer to my life if I had “new Destruct-O-Tron” show up as Todd’s kid from when he was 13, at least I changed it up a little bit.

    That reviewer wasn’t into all of the books & I know he wasn’t into XLK at all, but I think his critiques were fair. I think the Deadpool book we’re working on is closer to what I planned for XLK than what I handed out in that it’s bad-ass sad-bastard book instead of just a bad-ass book.