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So I’m finally done with most of what I can do to promote my Kickstarter campaign for making my next 20 comics.  Made a couple of ads, posted it in newsgroups, contacted press folks, sent out a newsletter, & did an interview.  I already reached my low goal to cover my ink/paper/postage & now am reaching for my goal to get to pay the artists what I think is a fair rate.  To make it there I need 200 new subscribers, but I’m currently at just 34.  No idea if I’ll make it or not.  But I’m trying to be mellow about it.  At least partly mellow.  I guess the thing I have left to do is remind the artists that it’s in there financial interest to tell people about the project.

In other comic news, I’m working on the layout for Ultimate Lost Kisses #13.  I should have that printed up tomorrow.

I hung out with Darin today & there may be another Unspeakable Forces EP before the end of the year.

Gathering a bunch of stuff together for working on the new Silber releases & the next QRDs.  I’m halfway between overwhelmed & happy about all the things that are going to be happening.

Oh & the newsletter came out today.  If you aren’t on the mailing list or didn’t get the email, you can read it over here.

I don’t think I posted it in the blog before, but here’s a video from Irata.

IRATA – Keeper’s Maker from Onramp Branding on Vimeo.

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