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So I just launched a Kickstarter comic campaign to drum up subscribers.  It once again proved to me, Kickstarter is hot for comics as I nearly doubled my modest goal in a single day.  It’s kind of a weird thing that my comics don’t sell very well over the Silber page for ordering.  So I think in the near future I may change around the layout of my comic pages on the Silber site to have videos of me talking about them & see if that makes a difference.

Over on Etsy I am not having a lot of luck.  I am getting a few people “favoriting” some of my stuff, but so far no sales.  I realize now after having listed all thirty some items in one day, that the way Etsy is set up, I would have been better off listing ten items & waiting two days & listing another ten items; which is how I’ll roll next time if I get the three sales necessary to pay the expenses for the listings.  We’ll see what happens there.  My understanding is I’m about two or three years late for jumping on Etsy for really generating many sales, but I’m still slightly hopeful it will work.  Part of the problem with it is that I’ve never been on it as a buyer, which makes it hard to come in understanding how to appeal to buyers.

I doubt you noticed, but I removed the mailing list form from the blog & replaced it with a few links.  I’ve been getting nine out of ten subscribers to be false/spammers & since spammers love blogs, I figure it’s probably coming from over here instead of from the main Silber site & QRD.  Hopefully it will make a difference as far as clogging my inbox.  I’m trying to organize things a bit to have less email clutter in preparation for the tour with The Independents in a few weeks.

I’ve started working on some of the questions for the next QRD & a few behind the scenes things for relaunching Silber proper next month.  More news as things come to fruition on that….

So back in the 1990s Shade was one of my favorite comics.  I was totally surprised that DC did this one minute short that is fairly true in spirit to the thing I love.

Found piece on my now full memo pad I’m retiring:
I’ve been going through some emotional trauma lately. It’s kind of embarrassing to still have your life a tumultuous wreck when you’re approaching 40, but that’s what I’ve let happen to myself. I can’t eat or sleep & I’ve resorted to taking pills to make myself numb & unconscious. It was dumb at 20 & I’m not sure if now it’s more idiotic or more understandable. The pills make me even more nauseous. So I’ve been losing weight. About a pound a day, sometimes more. I lost enough weight that my grandmother’s wedding ring fell off my hand. I feel it means something; I’m not sure exactly what. Does it mean I’m abandoning my grandmother’s ghost or her ghost is abandoning me?

Last Night’s Dreams:
My grandmother’s been in a coma for I don’t know how long.  Rather than leave her in the bed all day, every morning I disconnect her IV & oxygen sensor & cannula & put her in the chair she sat in every day when she was well & reconnect them.  It’s finally gotten to the point where even I know that she isn’t going to wake up again & so I don’t reconnect anything.  I’m just squinched up on her chair with her crying, trying not to yelp.  She opens her eyes & turns to the TV & says this is a funny program as if she’d just fallen asleep for a five minute nap.

I’m going on tour with The Independents for the winter & when I get to Will’s house I realize I’ve forgotten my work gloves, coat, jacket, & toboggan.  I’m not ready for this trip at all.

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