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So I just saw this article about YouTube throwing out robot views from some major labels.  The spin in this article is clearly YouTube/Google’s spin of “We’re just trying to make things work properly.”  But I have to wonder if the root isn’t Google trying to pay less money out.

I’ve been working on the next few issues of QRD.  I’m feeling pretty good about the possibility of making some magic happen with QRD again.  I was surprised to see it had been six months since the last issue.  I have 16 new interviews in so far with label owners, guitarists, & cartoonists.  So it’ll be a triple explosion once it is ready.  I definitely feel like I might have burned myself out a little in 2011 when I did a couple hundred interviews & felt like I was taking QRD to a next level & I still wasn’t able to get any advertisers.  So maybe this next time things will happen as I want them.  We’ll just have to wait & see I suppose.

I’ve let myself slip behind a bit on the 5 in 5 series.  I need to just take a week & really push myself to get press releases done for all the ones I have in so that I can just release them casually instead of being stressed out about getting a new one ready every other week.  I did send out some reminders to people who might be appearing in the series.  So I really do need to get myself motivated about it.  To be honest the things didn’t catch interest as much as I’d hoped.  I mean clearly the concept is a little gimmicky, but I thought that might be a selling point for it to get a mention on one of the big music websites & so far they have really gone by completely unnoticed.

Long time Silber fans know about Chris Olley’s project Twelve.  He’s just done a new limited edition release via Bandcamp if you are interested in checking it out.  Way dancier than his recent solo releases.

Here’s a track called “Separate” from Baptizer that is culled from a live performance I sat in on just before Halloween. It is noise.

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3 Responses to YouTube, QRD, 5 in 5, Twelve, Baptizer

  1. the girl says:

    hey show me where that one you played for me the other night is
    (a link, i mean). bird something. me gusta.

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    have you reached out to more high profile folks to do the 5′s? if the internet is any indicator, nobody will care until someone they already care about is doin it.

    • Yeah, I’ve even had interest expressed by some bigger bands (like Goddakk!), but I’m still releasing them in the order they were received & the three or four “bigger bands” haven’t gotten their tracks in to me yet.
      I also haven’t started the ad campaign I had planned for them as of yet.
      I did however get an email from a DJ saying there was something wrong with the new releases they downloaded to play because all the songs were only a minute long. Kinda funny.