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So I’m thinking about my next big musical project.  I’m thinking about doing something where I essentially record an hour of new musical material every day for a month.  Not I’m recording for an hour, but a finished (if rough) release every day.  I’m planning on using Kickstarter for it of course to fund for some of the things I’d need for it as far as getting a few new pieces of equipment that could inspire me during the month as I assume my ideas will run a bit dry over the course of the thing.  Anyway, my thoughts for price points is at $1 you get streaming video to see me at work each day as much as possible, at $5 you’d get a “greatest hits” MP3 collection, at $30 you’d get downloads of all thirty albums, & at $100 you’d get a song inspired by either words of your choosing (not necessarily used as lyrics, I know you jokers!) or an image of your choosing.  Stretch goals would be getting a physical product manufactured (CD) or maybe shirts or pins or something.  Please let me know what you think in the comments.  I do plan to do something where if I have a failed day I’ll tack an extra day on the end & I already have some potential collaborations planned.  As far as my thoughts on my ability to actually do it, I have been involved in a half dozen albums that were recorded in a single day in the past & I just spent the month of November bunkered down working on comics, so I really think there is a possibility & that I’ll come out a stronger musician.

So the past several days I’ve been trying to make my Pittsburgh ebook.  I think the problem I’ve been running into essentially is it’s just a way bigger file than my 1990s design software wants to work with.  It keeps crashing & just giving me an error code saying, “I’m sorry, the PDF was not created.”  Which is bad because I had in mind that doing some ebooks was how I might make some money this year off of some of the comics as well as classic QRD content.  But today I downloaded some software that is supposed to be able to stitch two PDFs into one, so if that works I’ll be back on track.  Of course exporting the PDFs to be able to work with takes a while in the first place & probably being online to type this while the program is trying to grind out a 150 image heavy pages (the book is about 300 total) is probably slowing things down.  Hopefully in a couple of days I’ll have good news about it.

A few more QRD interviews are trickling in for the next three issues.  I also got two people interested in advertising with the current special rates of three issues worth of advertising for the price of one.  I also might be getting a new affiliate deal set up & we’ll see if that works out for me or not (it’s with a music marketing school, but it’s hard to know if anyone will click on the links or not).

I got in the artwork for the second issue of Pow Wow.  Pretty stoked about it.  Wish I had time to work on the layout & printing of it, but too much other stuff going on at the moment.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m homeless.  Not in the cute way I was in my 20s where I traveled around the country living out of my car, but in the way where I don’t even own a wallet.  Suffering from insomnia I wander the streets hearing things that might not be there, waiting for something to change – for something to happen.  On the horizon it doesn’t look like the sun coming up, but like a great white light is coming to envelope & destroy the earth.

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    i keep reading that as ewok woes