Happy New Year.

It’s 2013.  I’m pretty happy about that I suppose as it means I somehow managed to survive 2012 thanks to all the Silber fans.  We actually stayed in the black this year.  Which means I’m making about $0.50 an hour running this ship.  I’m hoping to double that in 2013.  I know you are thinking to yourself, “How is that possible?” & the answer is by doing more stuff that takes less money to produce (digital content) & putting a few less hours into Silber (I think I’m suffering diminished returns putting in 80 hour weeks).  It’s going to be a good year I think.  At least my plan is for it to be a good year.  As most of you know I had a lot of luck in 2012 with a few things (comics & puzzle boxes selling on Kickstarter, producing/engineering a record for someone else, having ten musical releases of my own, putting out eighteen new releases on Silber, getting out about a dozen new comics, getting three issues of QRD out) & I’m planning more content in 2013 to make it look like 2012 was just an average year instead of a blockbuster one.   Obviously I can’t guarantee anything, but I think I may surpass 2012′s content by May.  That’s my hope.  & I issue the challenge to you all to do the same, to have a good year that is at least twice as productive as the last.

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