Scanned in XO #6 & did the initial layout.  Still need to do the layout for printing.

I looked at my site a little on Internet Explorer & I noticed the random images don’t come up on it.  I guess I need to try to find some other code for doing that then.  As of last month Firefox is 29% of the visitors, Internet Explorer is 33%, Safari 12%, Opera 2%, & 31% other stuff (mobile phone stuff, robot crawlers, media players, who knows what else).  Strangely 40 visitors using Netscape 4 (twice that for Netscape 5).  Seriously Netscape 4 is from 1997, who’s using it?

Talked to Ben Collins & it seems like he’s going to be taking charge of another compilation for Silber in a couple months.  The theme is top secret for now.

Got some friends to test the digital store to see what I can do to enhance the experience.  There’s some weirdness with it in Internet Explorer.  It keeps saying secure & insecure documents or whatever in the payment process because of me putting the Silber logo in the Paypal page.

Talked to Mike VanPortfleet (Lycia) & he’s planning to not do CD releases for any future things from Lycia.  I can’t say that I blame him for it.  You basically have to sell about 400 units to pay for the manufacturing of 1000.  It is getting to the point where selling 400 units does seem a hard thing to guarantee.

Some kind of glitch with my Friends Manager software that’s making it hard for me to tell who lives in SFO to let them know about the upcoming Carta, Sarah June, Retribution Gospel Choir show.  I just want it to be a good show & want to do my part, even from across the country.

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