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So in my latest installment of “it is kind of a headache to switch servers” the emailing software I use to do my press & radio follow up doesn’t work anymore because the new host has it flagged as a spam software (which I know it could be used as).  Of course it took me a couple hours before contacting tech support about it.  So it took me four hours to do something that usually takes about one.  I downloaded another software that seems to be working with the new server when I tested it.  I guess I’ll see next week when it’s time for another wave of promo emails.

Printed out the first set of Just A Man #4.  So that one is ready to go.

I got an email from Kimberlee Traub that the artwork for the new issue of Worms should come in early next week.

Talked to Shane Sauers some more about the possibility of doing some short run discs with super cool packaging at an affordable rate for the “digital only series” (I think it’s still necessary to have some discs for promo & sales tp those that want the physicals).  Still not 100% sure how it will work out with the digital series.  I need to write out everything so it makes sense to me & the budget seems reasonable.

I got word from Dave Sim that some of the video I shot about my mini-comics will be used in an upcoming episode of Cerebus TV, so that’s pretty cool.

The MySpace marketing campaign for Sarah June & Carta is completed.  I need to check with the bands to see how much interest it seemed to generate for them.  Now I need to figure out about some of the upcoming promo campaigns I want to do.  Because there was one I worked up with Will Dodson about people who are fans of some like minded labels & then of course doing ones for the upcoming bands for digital releases.  Of course everything is about building momentum at this point.  & I think that can continue as it seems like things have been growing in interest if not sales over the past six months.

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