Actually Accomplishing Things

Did the layout for the printing of XO#6.  Printing the first batch in the morning.

Collected & sorted out the folks in the SFO area to promote the Retribution Gospel Choir, Sarah June, Carta show to.  About 500 folks I’ll send MySpace messages about it to in the next two days.

Did some looking around at different labels on MySpace today.  Apparently Ipecac is 200 times as popular as Atavistic, yet somehow only twice as popular as Silber.  I know as well as anyone that MySpace numbers don’t mean much sales wise nor probably even visibility wise.  But it’s interesting that of the dozen labels that I think fans of would be into what Silber does, only two had more friends than Silber.  It’s also worth pointing out I have never run a friend invitation promo campaign, only messaged people to check out the label & they friend me.  So while I know some of the 20,000 friends are porn robots & that I joined MySpace way before most labels (back when I joined they didn’t have band accounts), I like to think at least half the people have listened to at least one song.

I have been thinking for a while about doing a mini-comic sampler with 6 page stories from the different comics.  So today I wrote first drafts for ones for Worms, Marked, Just A Man, & XO.  I need to get them out to see if they can get drawn in time for SPACE, though I know it’s a stretch for short time.

Did some work on the artwork for Marked.  There was a problem I had with the first two panels & I’ll see if Jeremy Johnson okays the change.

Submitted the Vlor video to a couple places I found for doing promo with it.  We’ll see if anything more happens.  I’ve been paying advertising money for it through YouTube at $0.01 per click & it’s getting a lot of views for the keyword of Lego, but I don’t think that’s going to really generate sales.  I don’t know.  It seems like you record an album because you want to & you make a music video because you want to & you play live shows because you want to, but none of these things really generate more income than costs.

Talked with Jon DeRosa (Aarktica) about us doing a digital & short press run re-issue of the Morning One EP.  Also talked about the idea of re-issuing Dead Leaves Rising’s Waking Up on the Wrong Side of No One.  Jon wants to add some tracks (& it’s already quite a long album with bonus tracks originally) & that’s an interesting prospect to me.  Because I wonder if people who listen to music via computer/MP3 player listen to albums or they just always have things on shuffle.  If it’s always on shuffle, then as long as there’s quality you should always put bonus tracks on.  Then again, with the digital download format something happens where you could have bonus tracks appear as an actual secondary free release.  4 songs with different artwork & everything just coincidentally bundled with the album.  Just like that Swedish band that leaked the Radiohead album on BitTorrent with their single tacked on to get it on a million machines….

Moodring is on the radio again tomorrow.  10pm Pacific, 1am Eastern.  See the calendar on MySpace for details.

So Breaking Bad premiered tonight (which is good since Archer had its season finale so there’s nothing to watch on TV for me as far as new serialized content).  Anyone know what the glass eye is about?  It felt familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

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