I wrote a first draft of a comic script today.  It’s the second one I’ve written in a month that I feel like abandoning.  I think it’s because I haven’t been reading Robert E. Howard lately & it lowers my minds ability to use words properly.

Did a bunch of work going through Lost Kisses for potential shirts.  Should finish up that task tomorrow.

I got what I feel was an interesting email conversation with a blogger who posted Aarktica’s In Sea on her top ten & had of course gotten it off a torrent site.  Which is fine since as a reviewer I’d have given it to her free anyway; but when I mentioned the discouragement over that the album got a ton of illegal downloads but no one wants to download the free album, she said that most people she knows get music through just searching bit torrent sites & that she’d never find the free stuff on my site.  So it’s interesting.  Do I try to get more people to hear the free EPs in hopes they might eventually come to the website?  I like the idea of using the free materials to drive traffic to the website, but I’m not sure about posting stuff to some third party like that for free.  But if any of you that read this are interested in seeding any of the free material onto any popular torrent sites that you use, I have no problems with that & would actually appreciate it.

I feel I’m forgetting something….

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