Better Mood

On Topspin they have this interesting tool for estimating label earnings.  I’m pretty happy that Silber makes almost three times more than they estimate.  (But only a fourth of what they claim I’d make using them, but whatever – if I believed the numbers people say they can make me when I give them money I’d be out of business long ago.  In general people who run magazines or promotional companies or whatever want to make money for themselves, not their advertisers & clients.  Same thing goes for real estate agents, accountants, lawyers, doctors, & pretty much anyone else in the world.)  So it makes me feel pretty good, especially as lately I’ve felt like a financial failure.

There should be a ton of Lost Kisses t-shirts & such available via Cafe Press in the next day or two.  They are a bit pricey, but I am only making a dollar per shirt.  If anyone knows a place that does print on demand shirts with drop shipping at a better rate, please let me know.

I read some of one of Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane stories & it made me feel more in the mood to write.  Nothing like a bad ass killing 20 dudes in the first four pages.  So yeah, I can feel it making me want to work.  Wanting to take the ideas in my head & figure out the best way to communicate them to others whether it’s through music, painting, comics, fiction, or food.

I got permission from Dave Sim to do a derivative collaboration where I scan in his artwork & put in my own words.  Of course it will probably take me longer than I’d ever anticipate & people will call me a hack for it.  But I don’t really think of being a hack as such a negative thing.  All the greats are hacks.

I’m going to be doing some experiments with clay today to make some random knick knacks.  You know, free action figures with orders over $50 or something.

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