Happy New Year

So it’s 2010.  2009 is done except for the paperwork (frowny face).  On a casual glance at my paperwork I’m going to be pretty close on the cusp of breaking even for the year.  I guess I’ll know when I finally sit down for the eight hours of grinding through all the numbers & everything.

A bunch of reviews came in today.  So I’m starting to feel pretty gung ho about some stuff.

Happy New Year.

Plans for 2010 still include:
A bunch of new music including the expansion of the Silber brand into the digital only arena.
A bunch more comics (hopefully by the end of 2010 we’ll have a total of ten series going).
A more serious attempt at bringing QRD to its ancient glory (meaning several issues installments as opposed to the two from this year).
Mini-comic based t-shirt series.
Weird Silber artsy videos.
Short films & feature films we’re involved with.
Three new Remora studio albums.
Moving the blog from MySpace to Silbermedia.
Opening the Silber digital store.

Hope to take the world over & make it a better place for you this year.

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