Working Worked Upon

I feel like I’m getting some things done.  Put in five or six hours on practicing for the Remora shows this weekend  & did this little song idea thing:

I made the digital versions of the new comics & got them emailed out.  I still have to get things laid out for some new books I wrote that I need to draw.

I got a bunch more of my sun distortion images built up & posted on the Silber Tumblr.  I think I might try to do something eventually for collecting all the sun images into a bundle for screen savers instead of animated gifs.  We’ll see how long it will take for that to happen.

I got my Christmas button set designed.  Hoping to launch the Kickstarter to earn some money for the seven designers in a few days.

Last Night’s Dreams:
My car breaks down in Portland right in front of a comic shop called Understanding Comics & I go in looking for the issue of Creatures on the Loose with the first appearance of Werewolf by Night in their back issues, but all their back issues seem to be from the 1980s & 1990s.  I walk out of the shop & wish I’d remembered to look for Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein.

I’m in a desolate part of New York in the late 1970s wandering around & I start to be heckled by a bunch of men in old dirty suits who seem to be driving me deeper into the deserted parts of the city & my shoes are starting to wear through & I start to get a dread that they plan to cook & eat me.

I’m living in a house with a screened door & the cat comes rushing through.  At some point he’d cut a slit in the screen so he can come & go as he pleases.

I’m hanging out with my teenage best friend at a local park & a group of teenagers who look like the same kind of substance abusers as us pour out of two vans & go on to the baseball field & start playing.  They’re nothing like us at all.  I wander off & when I turn back I see my friend with his trousers dropped taking a crap in the middle of the park where everyone can see him.  I just keep walking away.

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