There & back again

Back from the tour with Irata.  It was a blast.  There will probably be a bit of videos from it going up eventually as well.

A lot of work that had not been completed because of not being at home for basically two months & I’m trying to get it all done.  We’ll see how it all works out as far as getting things done soonish.  A few press releases to do (& releases to put out).  A few comics to draw.  A few comics to make digital versions of (Lost Kisses, Walrus, REH).  A new issue of QRD to assemble.  Six shows over the course of the next month (Remora for three of them, two that I’m not sure if they’re SLF or Remora, & one singing for Electric Bird Noise) which means practicing a bit.  More buttons to be made & a campaign to run for that.  Maybe an Unspeakable Forces EP to record.  The QRD ebook series.  So a full plate for the rest of the year.  I might not be updating the blog quite as much in favor of focusing energy to work on some of the more serious content I just mentioned.  We’ll see how it goes.

Here’s a little experimental video from Shaun Sandor/Promute:

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