A Few Days & A Bunch of Stuff

So I haven’t posted here in a few days.  I guess the general assumption would be it was because of stuff going on for Thanksgiving, but instead it’s because I’ve been working on a bunch of things for Silber.

First off, the Kickstarter for our Christmas buttons has started.  It’s only up for a few days so that I can get the buttons out in time to be stocking stuffers.  Here are the images.
xmas-buttons-for-webI got up the new issue of QRD up with interviews with Mike VanPortfleet (Lycia), Ben Vendetta (Elephant Stone Records), Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn), Nick Marino (Super Haters), Jamie Barnes, Scotty Irving (Clang Quartet), Shaun Sandor (Promute), Ben Link Collins (Silent Media), Joe Kendrick (WNCW), Carl Kruger (Static Fanatic), & myself.  Also included is the return of candy reviews with tons of pictures & video.

But the big news is we just did a digital release of Rllrbll’s new album 4 Corners.  It’s a pretty great record that delves into trip hop & free jazz blending into the ever genre dodging Rllrbll.  For a limited time you can even check it out as a free stream before slinging out a couple hard earned dollars to let the band know you are into what they are doing.

A couple weeks ago we did some full band Remora shows featuring me on voice & guitar, Peter Adrich on bass, & Brian McKenzie on drums.  One practice (thanks to Kirk Adam for giving us a practice space) for a couple hours & then a couple of good shows.  I’m really happy with how things translated for the shows & I want to try to do more stuff with this line-up or a similar one at some point.  We’ll see what all happens.  Theoretically there are some recordings, so I’ll let you know if they are worth hearing sooner or later.

Recent Dreams:
My grandfather has outlived my grandmother & he has a female friend who’s been house sitting while he was away.  When he gets home he finds out she no longer has another home to go to so he decides to marry her & let her stay in the house.  It makes me wonder if he ever loved my grandmother at all.

I’m on tour taking a crap at a rest stop.  No matter how much I wipe my asshole I can’t get it clean & I finish the ten inch roll of toilet paper & there’s foot high mountain of toilet paper in the bowl when I give up.

I’m a bodyguard & I’m with a client at a Target.  They have a strict no weapons policy so I had to check my guns & knives at the service desk.  I’m picking them back up while my client’s checking out & while waiting I see this self-service machine next to the Icee machine that has rice with baked apples & cinnamon & raisins in it.  It smells incredible & I might let my client get killed just for a chance to taste it.

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