Working on Working

Trying to do some work on getting the Lost Kisses DVD prepared.  I did the proof of the DVD & things seem as good as they’re going to get.  But the place I’m using for manufacturing is having some kinda problem with their automated order form.  I can’t wait for the headache of this project to end.

Found a few more promo places for my comics.  I think this is going to be my “make it or break it” run for the comics & I’ll scale the promos down to more reasonable numbers if I don’t generate sales.  I guess I’d settle for a licensing deal instead of sales.

Before I go to bed I’m going to put some of my mini-comics under weights to see if they become flat enough to fit five in a normal envelope or if I need to buy mailers for them.

I have this old laptop (it has Windows 3.1 on it) that I was going to take apart but it’s actually a lot smaller inside than I thought in would be so I put it back together.   I guess that’s why Tore Boe makes his acoustic laptops out of briefcases.  Maybe I should do the same thing.  Or maybe I should just buy one from him or pay him to make a custom one.

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