A lot of different things today

Did the design for the balloons & got that sent out today.  I can’t even remember if I mentioned on here before that I was getting balloons made?  1000 for $130.  I’ll send them with promo stuff mainly.  I think they’ll be easier to get rid of than the tattoos were.

Did some research contacting some avant garde & dark music stores in Europe about stocking Silber stuff.  We’ll see if any of them actually get back to me.  I’m trying to start to do more work that leads directly to sales within a month instead of the long term ideas I normally use where someone will buy a record in ten years time.

Also trying to book some shows for the Sarah June/PD Wilder tour.  Got the Myrtle Beach one confirmed.  Who doesn’t love Myrtle Beach?

Got a few orders shipped out today.  It’s always nice to have some income.

Got an email from Melissa that the art for the new XO has been shipped & should be here by Thursday.  I’m going to need to order some special envelopes or something when getting this mini-comic promo pack out as it will have five comics & I don’t really think I can get them in a regular envelope.  Maybe if I press them down so they stay absolutely flat before mailing them.  I’ll need to do some tests….

A special shout out to Sean of Mars Field for helping me figure out how to fix one of my external hard drives.

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