I feel momentum building

Yesterday at five o’clock I sent out the Lost Kisses DVD for manufacturing.  I’m so glad to be done with it.

I’m listening to the current version of the new Vlor album.  Some minor tweaks need to be done hearing the songs in order (extending a fade, shortening an intro, adding silence between tracks, boosting a track’s volume slightly) & I still need titles for pretty much every song.  I’m interested in doing the extra 10% that makes it feel like a legacy album.  This is the part of mastering that turns into a real art; songs are easy, albums are hard.

I got the art in for the new XO, I need to scan it in & do the layout.

Did some more promo research & found a dozen more comic & music press folks.

I got a track done for a friend’s compilation about robots taking over the world.

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