Working not twerking

I spent most of yesterday trying to help my nephew on a school project so he won’t fail English this year.  It seems to be something that happens every few months though it varies which class he’s failing instead of getting D’s in.  Last year when he said, “It’s no big deal if I fail the seventh grade, I’ll just be in it again next year,” I kinda knew there would be an ongoing problem.  I guess it’s a good thing that I think the main purpose of school is babysitting until someone is old enough to work, but I kinda hoped he’d get some work ethic skills to help him in life.  When I was his age all I cared about (in order) was music, comics, drugs, & girls so who am I to really judge?

On the Silber front I started trying to do some stuff to increase the effectiveness of the Silber Facebook page.  After five hours I realized I was falling into the same traps I have in the past as far as doing work that is pointless & ultimately depressing.  I should have spent those same five hours working up a press release for one of the upcoming releases or working up a cover song.  I mean, I know things I could do to get Silber more popular on Facebook, but I should be spending time trying to get Silber more popular in real life.  Which means not letting myself slip into certain traps with social media marketing & promotional stuff & sticking to creating content. I’m just gonna let the pros from that seo agency in Minneapolis do the technical stuff that I know I’m not the best at. We’ll see if I can get myself on task. I think it’s clear it’s more effective for me to pay Facebook $5 for an ad to spread the word about an album & maybe generate back those $5 than for me to spend five hours trying to get the word out by hand. I noticed today that if I put a post with a link it gets significantly less transmission on Facebook than if I just put something as text. I’m not sure what to do with that information, but I thought some of you might find it interesting.

I came up with the idea of sending my comics in vinyl record bowls to some friends to sell at conventions & stores with us splitting the profit 50-50. We’ll see how it works out. In the mean time I suppose I need to assemble a ton of comics.

Stumbled on this video.  Can’t decide if it’s depressing or uplifting, so you decide for me.

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