Most Read Silber Comics of 2013

Top 10 Most Read Silber Comics of 2013:
Lost Kisses #24
So this was a new issue of Lost Kisses that came out this year, so to me it’s no huge surprise it was the most read book of 2013.  I guess it’s still the most popular series no matter how uncomfortable people get reading it.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse Artistic Evidence
While I got back from my Cyberpunk Apocalypse Residency on November 29, it took me a little while to get the book about it done & so it wasn’t delivered to the Kickstarter backers until January.  At several hundred pages, this is our biggest endeavor so far, but a hint at the future of us doing ebooks in 2014.

Ultimate Lost Kisses #11
No surprise that this collaboration with Dave Sim remains near the top of our list.  I got an award plaque for this for a reason, I like to think it’s the quality because who would want to read such a depressing story if it was shitty?

Just A Man #1
My cowboy comic.  I love this book.  I actually got an award for the animated version of this comic (just a slideshow of it basically).  Anyway, the skull cover Andrew White drew is pretty iconic & it was part of the first issues bundle that people got.

Built #1
My robot story drawn by Joe Badon, after however long I think some new stories are about to fall out of my brain.  Part of the first issues bundle.

REH #1
I love Robert E Howard & I write these odd autobio style speculative biography pieces.  I think they are pretty good.  Drawn by Andrew White.  Part of the first issues bundle.

XO #1
I love XO.  I can’t remember if it was my first comic with a collaborator or if Worms was.  I could write XO comics for days on end, but unfortunately that doesn’t make them easier for Melissa to draw them.  Sigh….  Part of the first issues bundle.

Worms #1
This series works really well for me.  Probably the best thing I’ve done as far as writing a story & really getting the perfect artist to tell it.  Without Kimberlee Traub I think this story would be boring & with her I feel like it’s a claustrophobic creepy dream journey that works well.  Part of the first issues bundle.

XLK #1
This isn’t part of the first issues bundle, so I’m not sure what got it to boost up to this download position.  It’s drawn by Nick Marino, so maybe he was driving some traffic to it or something?  Supposedly this series will one day continue.  It’s kind of a Rambo parody in this issue, but in the future it’s more of a Nick Fury & Deadpool parody.

Walrus #1
I’m really glad this made the list.  Drawn by Jared Catherine, Walrus is unquestionably the most fun comic I’ve ever written.  I want to do a follow-up, but I also kinda think I can’t top it.  A walrus playing saxophone after the apocalypse… there’s a reason I picked this as the first Silber comic to go up on Amazon.

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