Music, Comics, Facebook, Cats, & Muscle Mass

Today was a super productive day.  I got the last of the royalty checks out to the bands on the label, which is one of my favorite parts of running the label.  I always wish I could get out more money to the bands, maybe one day.

So I came up with this idea of putting my comics in vinyl bowls to sell at an event I did about a month ago.  Then a couple days ago I asked a couple people if I sent them 40 comics in a bowl would they sell them & give me $20 & I got a few folks wanting them.  So I assembled the comics & got those ready to ship.  I’m pretty excited that I may have finally figured something out for that & I’m hoping to get the comics available a few more places.  We’ll see how it goes.

I went ahead & invested potentially as much as $10 on Facebook trying to promote the Silber $13 download sale.  So far I’ve spent $2.96 for 12,067 views & a few clicks, but so far no extra sales.  But I do think it has the potential to pay for itself & that I may have finally figured out how to use Facebook in a way as useful as MySpace was 7 years ago.

There’s a cat I sometimes hang out with called Tobin.  Here he is playing my keyboard:

Tobin on the keyboard

Tobin on the keyboard

So as you know I did a lot of traveling last fall.  I shot some video out the van window.  Here’s some footage & a new song from Muscle Mass:

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