Work Is A Thing I Try To Do

So I’ve been moving slow lately.  It’s been hard to get moving on doing things because lately I feel alone & isolated & that all the work at Silber is a drudgery that no one cares about.  In an effort to break out of this space, I’ve been making an effort to spend less time on Facebook the past couple weeks & it’s helped.  It seems like it’s gotten so full of negativity the past couple of years, just seeing friends yelling & mainly about things I could care less about & they don’t even actually care about either if they were honest with themselves.  It’s been good for me & I imagine generally unnoticed as far as anyone else goes.  The lack of negativity has gotten me in a space where I’m able to get more Silber work done while still spending time with my family even though I just got my work week increased by ten hours at one of my jobs.  In the past two days I got the panel layouts to two artists for some mini-comics (Pow Wow & Seabase17), solicited for contributors to a comic experiment written by my two year old daughter (it should be good & fun, tentative title is: “There was an Accident… And Now There’s A Monster”), did a first pass at mastering PD Wilder’s new album, & did the layout for the digital booklet for the new Azalia Snail.  & somehow instead of feeling completely exhausted, I feel energized & excited about the work again.  Life is hard, but life is good.  Thanks for caring about the work.

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