Silber Newsletter February 3, 2018


I hope all is going well.  This past month flew by here at Silber trying to avoid & recover from minor disasters, so while we don’t have any new material this time out, we have lots of news for you.

First off we have two sales for those of you who do downloads.  In 2017 we ended up putting out 11 albums, 11 EPs, 2 singles, & 2 compilations, & you can get all 26 as a bundle for half price ($32) over here –  In addition, as some of you may have noticed we’ve been sneaking up a lot of the back catalog onto Bandcamp the past few months & with 125 releases up there, we’re right around halfway done & for a limited time you can get them all as a bundle for 75% off ($93.03) & while I’m not savvy enough to give a direct link for getting the whole thing, you can get it on this page for a Vlor re-issue that’s a free download –

We have a lot of stuff that should be coming out fairly soon.  A new album from lofi queen Azalia Snail due out in about a month (check out the video for the single “Field Rep” here – ).  5in5 EPs from Petridisch (old friend, new to the label, maybe call it electropop) & Rowland Yeargan (new friend, new to the label, aggressive ambient).  A new album from PD Wilder of Hotel Hotel.  The final album from Goddakk (at least that’s the word on the street).  Two collections of old songs from Philip Polk Palmer (followed by a collection of new ones).  An album from Small Life Form (collecting pieces I have no memory of recording in 2012 (for personal reasons)).  Possibly a new album from If Thousands (in the mixing process).  & I really think the two compilations I’ve been trying to put out for 2.5 years are going to be done soon as well.  Plus more I’m not sure enough of to mention.

I actually do have some news on the comic front this time out.  I’ve been talking to some of my collaborators & I’m hoping for the end of April to have at least one new issue of each of the following in our standard format: Pow Wow, Seabase17, Star, XO, & Lost Kisses.  I bought a new printer &, to be honest, not having a good printer was keeping me from being motivated to get new comics finished.  It’s also looking like things will be started on a second issue of Faun, a large scale Genius Junkie, & a series of short comic stories titled Small Town Tales.

Thanks for your support & interest.

Brian John Mitchell

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