Silber Newsletter March 23, 2018


I hope all is well.  It’s been a rough few weeks here at Silber.  I think I might have done legitimate damage to my shoulder doing a tiling job back in January, which I assume to be some kind of bone spur scenario based on the type of pain it is; but I keep re-aggravating it because I can’t not use my shoulder & have a two year old drone cub, so even though it’s been the six weeks it should take to heal, seems like it might be a bit longer.  Makes working on anything that requires concentration hard, in addition my data entry job has had some crazy issues that have basically doubled my workload (good for the wallet, bad for quality of life & getting Silber-ing done).  But life is still good, this week my wife stumbled on a picture of our cat (& Silber spokesmodel Gideon) on an animal shelter site (he’s been missing since July & we’d given up months ago).  We got him back in the house & his personality seems to have been altered during his extended spirit quest, so trying to get him back in a good place in the household.  Anyway, still a lot of good stuff going on.

There’s a new album from former lo-fi pop queen Azalia Snail (why former?  because there’s nothing lo-fi about the new high fidelity album!).  We’ve worked with her a couple times in the past & are psyched that she wanted to work with us again & while I know it’s not an exact match for those of you who think of Silber as a heavy drone label, I hope you can give this indie pop gem a chance & can help spread the word.  More info on it below.  There are physical CDs available shipped straight from Azalia herself, but I set the links up so you can just order them on the Silber website.

You may remember that last year Electric Bird Noise did a video for Phil Fox’s play “The Moon Flower”.  There’s a video of the play up now on YouTube –

Coming soon is the return of the 5in5 series & a couple of compilations about silence & symphonic music & some new stuff from slicnaton & PD Wilder & Goddakk & Philip Polk Palmer & Small Life Form.  It’s always busy around here & that’s a good thing.

More news soon.  Thanks for the interest & support & spread the word if you can.

Brian John Mitchell


Azalia SnailNeon Resistance
CD Album 2018 | Silber 262
12 tracks, 39 minutes
Download on Silber –
Listen on Bandcamp

“She has always written very personal songs and on her new album, Neon Resistance, that is still very much the case. Its lead track, ‘Celeste (Can You Feel It)’, is huge, an epic pop song that will ear-worm its way into your life. Let’s hope there really is that parallel universe where Azalia is a star & appreciated for producing songs like this & then lets all go live there!”
~ Stephen Rennicks, Ambient Analogue

Azalia Snail has been making her uniquely sweet, hypnotic, noise-inflected brand of pop music since the days before Nirvana broke. Her entire catalog has a spirit of timelessness where you could believe the music was rare gems from the late 1960s as well as from the 1990s when she first appeared on the scene or today. Upbeat, triumphant, & joyous – this is the true sound of resistance & it’s irresistable.

: Press Release
: Reviews
: Listen to the track Celeste (Can You Feel It?)
: Watch video for Field Rep


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