Work for Me, Videos for You

So I finished the first batch of boxes for the comic sets finally.  I put lemon oil on them & everything.  I also finished making digital versions of the last few comics I hadn’t done that with yet & I did some slight alterations to the text portions of the first three Lost Kisses to make them easier to read than they originally were.  So tomorrow I plan on bundling up digital versions of the files for the people that had that as one of their perks on Kickstarter & letting them know that they are available.

Been working for 16 hours straight on the comics today, so not a lot of other things to talk about, but when I checked my email a few people sent me links to videos, so I have some content for you.

From Peter Aldrich came a link to this video from The Turtles explaining the legal problems & debts of their band:

From Silber friend/fan Will Dodson comes a trailer for a zombie short starring toddlers that he’s involved with:

From mwvm comes a little video of him fooling around with his newest looping pedal, a Boomerang III:

Last Night’s Dream:
Sharing a hotel room with my grandmother, niece, & nephew.  We’re all sitting on the beds eating Twinkies.  My grandmother is warning the kids to be careful not to get the cream filling on their hands & wipe it on the bed meanwhile I have a Twinkie that looks like someone sat on it & is a burst mess even before I open the plastic so I get the cream all over my hands.  I try to wash it off, but my hands are still sticky no matter what I do.

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