Weird Headache, Fun Times, Dream

So yesterday morning I got an email about an old article not being up on QRD.  Somehow the file was indeed missing.  Along with 100 or so other random files throughout the Silber site.  Some image files, some MP3s, some HTML files.  I basically had to re-upload the entire site to check what was missing.  I have no idea what happened or when.  My webhost did have a crash a couple of weeks ago, so I guess that may be the culprit?  Kind of an annoying & negative way to start a day though, that’s for sure.

The show went all right.  I tried to broadcast it on Ustream.  I still need to go through it looking to see if there’s anything worth trying to present to you folks.  The internet in the venue was wonky at best.  Anyway it was a night where people did trios with people they hadn’t played with before, so forced improvisation.  I was rocking the Small Life Form set-up with Bryce Eiman (Weather Machine) & Scott Berrier (Powercloud).  Fun times.  Oh & it was the release party for a Small Life Form disc.  I’ll let you know when it goes up for sale.

I think I’m going to be putting on the final coat of varnish on the comic boxes today.  I guess I’ll look at them tomorrow to figure it out.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m driving with my niece & nephew in the car & we’re going by the school I attended for kindergarten & first grade.  There’s a guy walking on the sidewalk dressed as Mr. Freeze circa the Super Friends.  He has his hood down & sweat is pouring off his head so fast that his winter coat is wet.

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