Top Choons, Comics, Etc.

Northern Valentine, mwvm, & Electric Bird Noise are all on Top Choons trying to get voted into the top of the charts if you have a few seconds to vote for one of them.

I got the digital comics done & uploaded.  It took a while as one of the zips is 350 megs.  Sent an email out to the first tier of supporters about it.  I still need to send stuff out to the other backers about them being available while they wait for the physicals to come.  Speaking of which, I got about 100 assembled today.  I’m letting myself get embarrassingly far behind on my goals for getting all the comics ready.  I got my first credit card bill with some of the supplies for the comics on it.  It’s funny how money coming in doesn’t seem like as much when you see all the money going out.  I’m probably making $2 an hour or something on this project in the end, but that’s okay.  It’s better than nothing.

I checked out my Google Adsense account (for the ads on QRD & such) & I finally passed their payment threshold.  Pretty stoked about that.  I think it only took five years!

Planning on doing another musician dad interview series on QRD if any of you have any people you think I should make sure to contact for it.

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