Work & Dreams II

Working on press releases & the digital download files for the new releases.  The Remora (with 32 page comic & 10 page booklet!), Lotte Kestner, & The Wet Teens are done except uploading & making them available on the site.  Still a little work to do on the Irata & Rivulets on the press releases & art.  Then a couple of free releases to work on.  Then the promo for everything

I was looking at the release numbers & I’m getting dangerously close to Silber 100.  Kinda crazy.

Last Nights Dreams:
I’m playing guitar for a hip hop band in a stadium.  My rig is essentially my normal rig except that I have two noise gate pedals.  One is at the front of my rig & is an old Digitech one & the other is at the end of the rig & I don’t recognize it, but it looks like a Rocktron or an Ashdown or maybe even a ProCo (I’m not even sure if any of those companies make noise gates).

I’m with my wife (who I don’t recognize as ever having seen before in my life (she’s 5’5″ & about 105 pounds with blond hair in a Peter Pan haircut)) in a grocery store that we don’t normally go to & I can’t find anything that I’m looking for & I feel incredibly lost & hate that I keep running into the meat section & it seems like half the store is decorated with dried/cured pieces of pig in the plastic sacks that oranges used to cut in.  We finally make it home & my wife is telling me she only plans to go back to the United States twice before she dies – once when her band is booked to play Disney World & once to get her toes repaired.  I look at her toes & two of the toes on her right foot (two of the three I still have no feeling in) are permanently curved under her other toes.  What fucking country am I in?

I’m traveling through time, but always in the context of landing in my own body (Slaughterhouse 5 style) & I have a tattoo on my right shoulder that functions as a calendar that I’m constantly updating so I can know when I am at any time.  It occurs to me it might be a better idea to invest in a good watch & wear it at all times.

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