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Today opens with a bit of a sad news, so I’ll close the blog with something incredibly uplifting.

The two bands from Jakarta (Echolight & Slylab) that were supposed to have digital releases with Silber have decided to seek release elsewhere because they want physical releases.  Which I can totally understand & respect.  Two years ago I would’ve said the same thing.  In fact I’m pretty sure I literally did say the same thing.  So best of luck to them, especially as I don’t really know much about the market in the country where they live.  It does make me a little sad as I did like the idea that a modest profit from a release could significantly effect their lives & I was hoping for an in to get some Remora shows in Jakarta because the city fascinates me.

So the Irata album I’m working on is a re-issue of their self-released record.  I spent most of the day yesterday re-tooling the artwork.  It ends up that the copy of the record I have has an alternate copy of the album artwork that they only used for the first batch & that’s not what they want to be using.  Ooooops.

The Rivulets – Demos record is going to be released exclusively through the Silber download shop & not be available at other download outlets.  It’ll be an interesting prospect to see if it makes a difference sales wise.

Did some paperwork for getting the Remora: Mecha disc so it will be available through other download outlets.  I’m pretty stoked about that the record will be a success or debacle & that there isn’t much space in between.

Ian Stewart contacted me today & it made me re-read the little interview he did with me back in 1999 in AUTOreverse which was a big deal to me at the time.  It’s interesting flipping through it & seeing a lot of things from people I’m still in touch with as both Drekka & Electric Bird Noise are reviewed in that issue.  Wow.  It’s incredible how many of us are still the exact same place 11 years later.

I got in a little sketch from Dave Sim that I commissioned of Cerebus in a plague doctor mask.  I guess I need to ask if I can have it in the rotating images on the Silber website.  If anyone does a sketch or painting of the Silber logo, send it to me & I’ll put it in rotation.

I found a Starriors comic (one of the mini-ones that came with the robots) in the attic yesterday & so today I was looking around for more of the comics online & came across a blog about 1980s cartoons & toys.  & there was a big entry on Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors, which led me to stumbling across this:

So now I’m thinking Remora should do some covers.  I think I could get behind any of these with the exception of Jem, Defenders of the Earth, & The Dinosaucers (mainly because the lyrical content doesn’t grab me).  All the others are practically Remora songs in lyrical content.  Which ones would you most like to hear?  Please comment below.

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