Now Available – Remora, Rivulets, Lotte Kestner, The Wet Teens – Plus Broken Mind Bonus

I got some work done.  The Remora, Rivulets, Lotte Kestner, & The Wet Teens releases are all up & available now (well, technically two hours from now, but who’s reading this at 1 in the morning?) on the main Silber page.  Still have to update the catalog pages.  It’s good to have things ready & set & accomplished.  Just some work to do for the Irata (waiting for something to arrive in the mail to finish that one up) & then the work on some of the free release series & then the promo.

I’ve been having some dreams lately about veils of reality or whatever.  It seems like there’s foreshadowing in my life about life not being real sometimes.  It starts with when I was six & saw on TV a show based on that Mark Twain story that reveals the story is a dream & it ends with a phrase something like, “Go on to dream better dreams.”  So from there on it seems to be repeating.  Obviously there was the whole thing with Dallas that spawned a million TV dream plots a couple years after that (the one episode of Growing Pains where Ben finds out he is Jeremy Miller comes to mind in a pretty bizarre for mainstream television plotline). & all the various things based on An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge (including Last Temptation of Christ & Jacob’s Ladder (which of course I watched on acid because I was dumb in high school when it came out & I have to say it’s probably not a great film to watch in that situation)).  Then The Matrix & Donnie Darko & Existenz in the relatively recent era.  & for me the Cerebus book Minds & of course The Maxx.  But then the other day I was watching a documentary on the Science Channel & they had this professor who was saying (either as a devil’s advocate or as a genuine nut) that the fastest computers finally have the same processing power as the human brain, which means we could enter a system right now with computers processing being able to run models of entire human lives & within the near future we could develop cultures that live entirely in the computer system that would be evolving & developing & discovering things & where his idea gets screwy is he says the reason that we can’t figure out how to link all of physics together into a simple rile & all these other various glitches their seem to be in exactly how reality works on the massive universe scale & the tiny atom scale is because we’re in a system that was poorly developed with some bad data.  Is he a guy who watched the Matrix too many times or just running crazy ideas because they sound good for getting you on TV?  I think the same day I saw that I saw an episode of the Outer Limits where Ralph Macchio was running experiments to effect coma patients’ brains & dreams & of course they don’t know that they’re dreaming.  Which brings things around to post-modern philosophy & it ending with the truth being subjective & self-contained in each brain & therefore their not even being anything true or real enough to bother having conversations about (the potential solves for this argument that I am familiar with are the ideas of certain universals (varying from dream language archetypes (Jung)  to universal aesthetics (Goddamer (sp?)) to DNA & biological driven universals (deaf babies coo-ing (Noam Chomsky in his not political work))).  It makes my world/mind feel like it’s going to crack & think about all the various times I could be stuck in a dying moment or that I really am just a minor character in a novel.  All of this is exactly why I can’t do real drugs anymore.  Because lately my dreams seem as valid as my waking life & so do my little comics for that matter.  Maybe I’ll get stuck somewhere other than “here” & “now” soon enough.  But then again, don’t we all want that?

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