Work & Dreams

A lot of today was wearing  the producer hat instead of the engineering one.  I helped Philip write lyrics to two songs.  I have to say being asked to write lyrics with/for someone is both flattering & intimidating.  I pretty much failed in helping to write a song about the city of Savannah.  The other song I completely altered the rough lyrics from being about the drive to make music to about being called to & cast from the stars by elder gods & I’m pretty happy with the results on that one.  Tomorrow we’re hoping to catch up on the recording as today was another day of finishing half of one song & recording half of another.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I have one of those microwave popcorn things that looks like a movie popcorn bucket in my hand & this punk rocker dude is trying to be cute by lighting it on fire with a zippo lighter.  I kick him in the crotch as hard as I can a couple of times before he falls to the ground & then I say to him, “Food is a perfect example of personal property.”

I’m talking to somebody about local hip hop producers & they mention that one of my former co-workers has a new recording studio called “Hue B.” I should probably get back in touch with him.

I’m taking my niece & nephew to church & they are whining & being so annoying it’s hard not to slap them.  I decide to just lock the car & leave them in their when I go to church.  The service is even more annoying  than the kids with all the music done with a rock band where no one is under 50 & I can’t even make it through the whole thing.  I just need some alone time.

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