Mixing & Dreams

So I’ve been spending the past couple of days trying to get everything finished up for Philip Palmer’s album.  Looks like we’ll have eight newly recorded & mixed tracks (five mixed so far with one more day to go).  I guess it’s not bad for twelve days including a day of setting up the studio & a couple songs that were scrapped or started over completely.    I kind of like the idea of touring around helping people record their music.  It lets me have a better vibe for a town than I get from playing one bar on a Wednesday night or whatever.

Got an email today from a guy using a bunch of QRD articles for his master’s degree or something.  Kind of funny.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m watching the news & they have a segment about goths vacationing on some tropical island called Tactic.  It seems like all the goths are cute skinny girls wearing lace & carrying parasols with their make-up on.  I wonder if it would be worth trying to get a show there.

I’m on tour with The Independents & to save money we’re touring borrowing equipment & using a Crown Victoria instead of the van.  There’s a total of six of us in the car (four band members, me on merch, & Ned Kirby as a sound man) & it kind of sucks actually….

I’m fifteen years old & I’m at some girl’s house.  Her dad is a professional musician & I suppose I’m more interested in finding out about him than about dating his daughter.  In the girl’s bedroom she takes her shirt off & she’s wearing some kind of bondage gear instead of a bra.  It’s the first time I’ve seen a naked breast not in low light.  She tells me she’s lesbian, but I can suck on her breasts if I want to.

A song with these lyrics:
I wanna pull off the road
Call you on the telephone
Here the voice I though I’d always know
But that was so many years ago
I hope that you’re not still alone

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