A Day of Dreams

The production/engineering work is continuing down here in Savannah.  I’ve been trying to clean up some tracks getting ready for mixing & I realize I need some closed back headphones.  So we went out to buy them, but the big music shop here was closed for Yom Kippur.  Also today had two semi-comedic phoning it in recording moments.  Philip was working out the notes for a guitar solo & I took his dog out for a thirty minute walk & I came back & he was still working it out.  Later on (right after lunch & trying to get the headphones) Philip was counting out measures & BPM on a new song when I was cleaning up some vocal tracks.  After 30 minutes of him not coming in ready for me to set things up for a next take I found him taking a nap, so I lied down on the couch for thirty minutes myself.  So today we finished a song from yesterday, got half a song done & scrapped it, & got half a song done to finish tomorrow.  Which I think brings us to six songs done, two songs half done, two scrapped half songs, & one scrapped full song.  So in the end about one song a work day.  Hopefully tomorrow things will turn around to move faster.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I over sleep & don’t get started working on Philip Palmer’s record until 1:58pm instead of 9am.  I lost half a day.

I’m doing a craft show with my comics inside a local mall.  Dealing with the public is super frustrating.  I should’ve just stayed at home.

I’m on top of the empire state building watching CBS This Morning live.  I suddenly remember I’m deathly afraid of heights & start clinging to the building.  Al Roker makes fun of me for it.

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  1. Peter says:

    Ha! Roker made fun of you!