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Been going over the webstats lately (see today’s earlier post about QRD articles & there’s a couple more to come too), here are some numbers that I feel like I should be proud of (if only I could get them to generate sales) – 434,399 unique visitors for the year & an average of 1190 visitors per day.  For better or worse, the blog is the source of half the traffic to the site, which I’ll assume mainly comes from robots trying to comment on the thing, but I do think some of the stuff is people being legitimately interested in Silber.  It’s a mixed feeling when it seems like I have the interest, but not the sales.  I feel like I’m doing something right & wrong at the same time which is way better than just feeling like everything is wrong.

I’ve had a couple of people comment to me before that I should put some of my comics up through Amazon for people to get as ebooks.  I’ve been a little reluctant because I feel it’s probably a waste of time, but I went ahead & put up Walrus today.  We’ll see if anyone cares.  If you have a chance to pop over & give it a review maybe that would help?  Who knows….

I can’t really put a particular reason as to why, but I feel like I’m about to go through a phase of getting a lot of work done here at Silber.  Comics, music, QRD, compilations, Silber releases, convention appearances… it’s all coming soon I think.

Recent Dream:
I’m living with an elderly woman renting a spare bedroom in her house.  She’s gotten to the point where she’s ill & unable to take care of herself & her mind is clearly going, but she doesn’t want to leave the house or ask anyone for help.  After not seeing her for a couple of days I try to check on her.  She doesn’t answer my knock on her door & when I try it, it’s both locked & bolted from the inside.  I start pounding on the door & she finally answers saying, “Go away!  I just want to be left alone!”  Through the door I tell her that I just want to help her.  I tell her the story of taking care of my grandmother for years & lying on the bed with her as she died.  She unbolts the door & lets me in.  She climbs in her bed & I ask her if there’s anything I can do for her.  She tells me she’s cold & could use another blanket.  I go to my room & get a blanket my grandmother’s mother made for my older brother off of my closet shelf.  I put the blanket on her & when I step away she’s turned into my grandmother.

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