Ten Most Read QRD Articles in 2013

Top 10 Most Viewed QRD Articles:

So I went over my stats & here are the most popular articles from QRD last year.  If you haven’t checked them out before, go ahead & check them out now.

Interview with Erin O’Brien from QRD #29 in 2005
I’m not surprised that this was our most popular article of the year.  Every month this has been one of our most popular interviews.  It’s an interview with Erin with a lot about her brother John who wrote Leaving Las Vegas & there’s a link to it from his wikipedia page that generates a thousand views most months.

Guitarist Interview with Alan Sparhawk of Low from QRD #46 in 2010
Given the popularity of Low’s new album, it’s no surprise to see one of the interviews with Alan in the top 10.  Though to be honest, I would’ve thought it would’ve been the one I did about the new album instead of this total gear head interview!

Record Label Owner Interview with Ceschi Ramos of Fake Four Inc. from QRD #47 in 2011
This is interesting to me.  Why would a two year old interview I did with a label I’m not even super familiar with get a ton of views?  Probably the label is doing something right that I should look into.

Record Label Owner Interview with Jerome Moncada of Basses Frequences  from QRD #47 in 2011
Same basic thing as with Fake Four Inc only I am a little more familiar with Basses Frequences.

A Solution to Suicide from QRD #3 in 1995
I was a totally different person back when I wrote this. 19 years old & still convinced I was smart & witty.  I really don’t know why anyone would read this & how it was a top article this year.

Guitarist Interview with Agata of Melt-Banana from QRD #43 in 2010
Agata is a great guitar player, Melt-Banana tours constantly, this is probably his most in depth interview anywhere about his craft, yeah, this makes sense.

Gifts for the Touring Musician from QRD #32 in 2007
It’s a long time ago that me & Nathan from Rivulets came up with this gift list for touring musicians.  Still generally good ideas ten years later & I’m not even sure how much I’d have to add today.

tips for making your own zine from QRD #15 in 1999
This is a pretty decent article from years ago, it’s interesting to me that people are still looking up how to make physical zines today.  I guess a lot of it doesn’t apply as much since presumably most people who are doing zines today get them printed from digital files.

Guitarist Interview with Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos from QRD #43 in 2010
So this is an interesting top article.  I had to disable the link to the bands page because it had been taken over by some kind of spam site.  So I think there’s a good chance that people trying to find out about the band or whatever end up coming to this page.  But who knows.

Atavist from QRD #26 in 2004
The dream/short story that went on to become the first issue of XO.  The only fiction entry for QRD that made it in the top ten.  Why are people still finding it & reading it?  Fuck if I know.

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