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So I renewed the Silber site’s hosting for another three years.  I hadn’t been paying attention, so I needed to pay a little more because it ends up it would expire tomorrow, so I couldn’t clinch in on an extension sale.  But that’s how it goes for me lately.  I really don’t want to need to deal with trying to set up a blog & webshop & all that again, so I feel kinda locked in with my host even if I might be able to get a slightly better deal elsewhere.  I did run into the problem which is part of why I switched to paying a big chunk at once instead of going month to month in the first place where my credit card ran a hold on processing payment because it flags international activity as suspicious.

I got done doing the email promos to websites for the new releases.  It’s kinda tedious going through & clicking on a couple hundred sites to do that & I kinda dreaded doing it, but it’s good to have it completed.

There are a few reviews of some movies I’ve been thinking about doing for Finally Checking It Out; but then I thought maybe since those sites didn’t really take off, maybe I should just put it in the Silber blog?  Or maybe I should put it both places?  Looking for comments & suggestions on how to deal with that.  If they should be just on the Silber blog, should they be separate entries or just part of the daily blog?

Last Night’s Dream:
I have a gig at a local music festival, but the day of the show they tell me the venue has been changed to one a hundred miles away.

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3 Responses to Website, Promos, Blogging, Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    put it on this blog, separate entry. or compile them for your qrd’s. perhaps turn the zine to a blog and you don’t have to work so hard to make it like a release and can m ake thecontent a rolling feature.

    your dream would seem pretty accurate if they also moved your time slot to 4 hours early or 20 minutes til closing.

    • Nick says:

      Putting “Finally Checking It Out” on this blog, separate entry + Turning the zine to a blog: I second that.

  2. Peter says:

    Recently I had a dream that you and I were opening for a small Rolling Stones show in this open air bazaar. Of course there were dangerous elements around as well, like monsters or evil men.