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I feel like I had a productive day for the first time in a while.  It’s nice.

I mostly finished the layout for the SPACE comic anthology.  In related news, Bob just launched a Kickstarter for it.

I worked up two Small Life Form pieces for comp appearances.  I did them more or less in the style of SLF in 1998, which means I used the program Sound Recorder & did some stuff with dramatically decreasing speed of recordings & layering them over top of each other.  I did run into an issue that the music is so low in pitch, it basically can’t be played by laptop speakers; but I think music isn’t really meant to be listened to on those types of speakers even if I know that’s probably 1/3 of music listening.

On & off for the past couple of years I’ve thought about doing a podcast.  I’m thinking about doing one that will be on the history of Silber.  Thirty minute episodes of me talking about a release or whatever.  Not sure if there would be interest in it or not, but it gets people interested something to passively listen to while they are at work.  What do you think? Any interest?

It looks like I’m supposed to record a new Remora release for a friend’s label.  We’ll see what happens & when I can make it happen.

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