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I’ve spent most of the past couple of days doing updates to my press list to get things ready for mailing about the recent releases.  I miss how ten years ago people thought Silber was a lot bigger because of the volume of press & radio play we got & maybe these few hundred updated contacts will make a difference in making some magic happen again.  I guess we’ll know in a couple weeks.

I also did get out the Silber newsletter, which you can read on the news page if you didn’t get emailed a copy.

I have been talking about doing some ebooks on & off lately collecting some of the QRD interview series (guitarists, label owners, cartoonists)  as well as the dream diary stuff.  If you have any idea for titles for those books, let me know.

Also semi-worth noting, I’ve decided to move Nostalgia Equals Distortion & Finally Checking it Out to over here on the main blog.  So those will just be appearing as separate entries in the next few days.

Last Night’s Dreams:
In an attempt to re-invent myself, I cut off my beard.  Maybe I’ll finally be someone worth a damn.

I’m at a comic convention & it’s slow as molasses.  One of the other cartoonists invites me up to her room to have a couple shots (I guess she’s scared of getting thrown out for drinking on the floor).  The elevator gets stuck on the way up to her room & we have to pry the service door side of the elevator open & climb eight flights of super sketchy stairs.  This better be some decent liquor for all this effort.

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2 Responses to News & Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i’ve actually had to do that in spain once.