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I got the layout done for Vigilant #2 & sent it off to PB Kain.  I’m thinking about doing some kind of promotion or one shot special based on fan participation.  Where people just send in photos of themselves wearing hoodies & then I write little stories about them.  I’m not 100% on that yet.  I always have a mild fear of fan participation projects because when there’s a lack of participation I feel pretty awful & it’s happened a few times in the past.

Today’s installment of Silber mini-comics is XO #2.

Worked a bit on a Remora track for a comp entitled “Typical Teenage Secret Weapon.”  Just need to add the vocals & then see if it makes the cut.  It’s in the sci-fi style if the song title didn’t show that.  Only fake guitars.  After all, that way I don’t need to practice playing guitar.

I got some feedback back from Brian McKenzie & it looks like I’m going to have to re-cut some more vocals for the Remora album.  I’m really trying to make it a record I can listen to without getting irked by mistakes five years down the line & that’s a tall order.

Speaking of Brian McKenzie, there may end up being a flood of Electric Bird Noise discs next year.  Maybe four or five.  Which makes more sense when you realize he’s worked on a lot of stuff on a pretty regular basis while not releasing much of it for the past several years.  Obviously I’ll post more about it as time goes by.

Spoke with Jason Ward (Irata) a bit.  As some of you may know they’ve been working as a two piece for a few months.  They’re still trying to figure out if that is what they are going to be doing or if they are going to try to find a third member again.  I guess we’ll all just have to wait & see.

So today was the season finale of this show I’ve been watching called Tower Prep.  It made me realize that part of what I like about serialized narratives is that they let you play the next chapter in your own mind & toy with it yourself a bit in the time between installments.  I wonder if this is how they work for other folks or if it’s just me.

I got an order through Amazon today (I put up some of the catalog with an ad to buy it at the Silber site as the description & sometimes people opt to pay the extra $1 it ends up costing to order through it & meanwhile I make $2 less, but whatever).  Man do they suck now.  The email didn’t give me the mailing address to send the package to & it took six clicks to get to that info off their website.  WTF?

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