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Okay, so I know I’ve been talking up Azalia Snail a lot.  I haven’t made a Silber page for her yet, but here’s her Facebook.  & here’s a video from her:

& while I’m mentioning videos, here’s one from Sarah June:

Did some more work on some mini-comics for making the digital versions today & got the approval from Pat Kain for the script for Vigilant #2 so I need to lay it out for him to draw.

I spent a couple hours looking for more promo outlets for the upcoming music stuff.  I really should stop wasting my time on it probably.  I was talking to Azalia about how Silber traditionally has strong radio ties & I think I need to get back to basics on that.  I’ve been farming out a lot of the radio work to interns & I might be better off doing the radio work myself (since that’s what I’m “good” at) & trying to get them on doing something I have no idea how to do.

I did a critical listed to the new Remora disc & sent in some mixing notes to Brian McKenzie.  I can’t believe how much more detail I’m giving this record than anything else I’ve worked on.  I suppose part of it is that I’m getting more sleep these days & that gives me a long enough attention span to pay attention to details.

Last Night’s Dream
There’s a new drummer in a band I’m in & before he gets to  practice I’m asking if he’s any good & I’m told, “He’s almost as good playing drums as you are playing keyboards.”  Wow, this band is going to suck now!

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