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So Azalia Snail sent me the link to this Brian Eno documentary “Another Green World” (named after my favorite Eno album).  I’d tried to watch it back when it first came out; but though the BBC had it streaming, they had regional blocking on it.  Anyway, here’s the video files, they may eventually be taken down.  I like listening to Eno speak & reading his books because though I don’t always agree with all of his ideas, he almost always helps me clarify something I’m thinking about.  The moment that happens in this documentary is at the end where he talks about the devaluation of music as a currency & that music is about causing a feeling of community & connectivity socially.  Which I think has actually been true about music at least since the advent of popular music & hit standards.  The problem always is, what do you do with the information once you have it?

I did get quite a bit done with Remora today.  Listened to the new mixes of the tracks for the new album.  Cut some additional vocals for songs on the new disc as well & I need to try to get those back over to McKenzie for mixing tomorrow.  & I think I finished up this track below for a comp.  The vocals are intentionally low in the mix, let me know if you think they’re too quiet.


Did some work on the website making up some pages for the new comics & Azalia Snail.  Going to be going through updating a bunch of stuff that no one but me will care about pretty soon.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I have been talking to Brian McKenzie about doing an acoustic Something About Vampires And Sluts EP on Silber & it looks like that is going to happen.

I finished doing the MySpace campaign for Thorn1.  I’ll have to check with Evgeny to see if there was an interest spike on his side.  I did get one contact about him possibly doing a festival show in Italy, so if that comes to fruition it was definitely worth the time to run it.

Today’s installment of Silber mini-comics is XO #3.

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