Vigilant, Silber 15, Finally Checking It Out, Moodring, Buttons, Ultimate Lost Kisses

So I’ve got two little “call to actions” for you kidz today.
(1) For the video version of Vigilant that will be happening in a month or so, I’m wanting to get a bunch of photos of people wearing hooded sweat shirts.  They’ll be appearing in the video for about 1/8 of a second a piece.
(2) We’ve been talking about possibly having some fans talking about Silber on videos (less than a minute long) that aren’t able to attend the 15 year show that we’ll project during band swaps.
Just let me know if you are interested in helping out.

There’s a new review of Love up on Finally Checking It Out.  I didn’t do this review, but I have to admit they are one of the bands I’ve heard about & meant to look into for twenty years.

Moodring has a new track up that you can check out at Small Town Romance.

Worked on a designs for getting some new Silber buttons made.  They will glow in the dark.

Finally finished scanning in the artwork for Ultimate Lost Kisses #12.  Makes me feel like I got something done.

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