Flyers, Silbeer, QRD, Video Streams, & Kiss

Been missing from the blog a couple days.  But I’ve been working.

Doing some behind the scenes stuff for the Silber 15 Year show.  Trying to figure out the order of bands & sound requirements & places where people can stay & things like that.

I put up some flyers for the anniversary show a week ago & this week they are all missing/covered.  I talked Vince Mecanikill about it & he said he’s had the same problem & then the flyers are torn down, not just covered.  His theory is that the guy in town that you can pay to put up flyers literally tears down all flyers that he’s not in charge of.  Which is really fucked up.  I also think it’s true.  If you wander through Chapel Hill you have flyers up basically only for Cat’s Cradle & Local 506 & very few (near zero) up for The Nightlight & The Cave & the other venues.  It’s a bit suspicious to say the least.  I wrote to the weekly suggesting they do an article about it.

Did a script for a comic about when a Promute record comes out on Silber.  I’m also working in my head on a potential comic script to promote the Azalia Snail disc.  I like the idea of doing them.  I don’t know who will care.

I did a bit of a tasting for some of the Silbeers the other night & the Weaponized Root Beer & Honey Apple Mead were big hits.  Those ones brew a little differently & I just ordered some supplies to be able to make some more, including a gallon of honey.

So both Thursday & Friday nights I went out to see bands & saw some people doing dance pop music (for lack of a better term) with just keyboards & drum machines.  It kind of makes me want to do a Muscle Mass record.  Maybe the time has come.

Did some recording for a final additional track for the collaborative album with my son Andrew that should pull everything together.  I need to send it to him & get him to add his parts.

I’ve gotten in about 20 interviews for the next 4 QRDs that I’m working on simultaneously this week.  Why do I line up this much work for myself.

I’m looking into doing some live video streaming things.  It looks like the most popular ones are,, &  Does anyone know anything about what makes one better than the other?  They all look about the same to me.

There’s a fun article about what you can learn about music marketing from Kiss over on Music Think Tank.

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One Response to Flyers, Silbeer, QRD, Video Streams, & Kiss

  1. GoddakkATTACK says:

    I had the same issue when bM were goin….especially in chapel hill area. I used to think it had to do with the city clearing the boards but then after i noticed they were going missing, i started noticing that other flyers that were up when i put the bM ones up were still there…..maybe cuz they were local they could get theirs up quicker and relatively in the same spot but that seems unlikely.