Comics, Music, & Hooch

Got the layout done for ULK #12, hope to print it out tomorrow.

I did some work on remastering Aarktica’s Morning One EP (is that from 2000?) that will be re-issued at some point this year.

Assembled 40 mini-comics that Kurt Dinse will be selling at C2E2 in a couple weeks.

Set up the next batches of mead (a cran-apple mead) & weaponized root beer brewing.

Eric Shonborn says he might have Monthly #1 ready by the end of the week & Melissa Spence Gardner says XO #7 is in the mail.  So a lot of new comics.

Azalia Snail is working up a few new tracks for Celestial Respect.  So a mild delay, but a stronger album will be the result.

I think that’s it for now.

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One Response to Comics, Music, & Hooch

  1. Nick says:

    Morning One is from 2001. I bought it used several years ago. I do not remember from where though…