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So I have a complaint about something that is common in the music industry that is maybe common everywhere.  Why do people make out checks to the wrong name?  Is it an honest mistake or a business practice to try to get out of payment?  If I send you an invoice saying to make payments to “Silber Records,” why send me a check made out to “Amerse Music” (my publishing company name, which I think it’s safe to say will never have a bank account)?  I’m not the only one who I know who has run into this problem.  It seems a pretty common thing.  I don’t know if it is in a book for “how to be a douche bag businessman” or what.  But I find it annoying that it happens around half the time with the first check from any music oriented business I work with.

I made another little video from a classic Remora a capella song that will probably never be recorded properly.  Really having fun wasting time with this program.  So maybe I’ll make one a day until I’m out of ideas….

Got in the last of the interviews I wanted for the new QRD.  So I’ll be working on proofing them over the next few days.

Working on questions for an interview series with small label owners if anyone has suggestions for questions (as mine will be pretty business oriented more than likely) or labels to contact (rules for labels – must have at least five releases, no more than 20% of releases can have label owner as a band member).

Doing some processing for signing up some Silber stuff with yet another music library for film placement.  One day….

Last Nights Dreams
I trapped myself in this flesh for a reason.  So I could travel forward through time in a slow & perpetual way to escape eternity.

A friend of mine is letting me stay at his spare downtown apartment.  He’s explaining to me why he has it to entertain clients, but it still sounds more like a place to meet a mistress.

I missed my flight to Hong Kong to start my Chinese tour because I misread the date on it.  I feel like faking my death & starting my life over rather than tryoing to fix the situation.

I’m at the SPACE comic convention & nearly everyone is selling t-shirts instead of actual comics.  Not sure it’s a good idea for the future of comics.

I’m getting hot & I look down & I’m wearing three dress shirts on top of each other.  Am I homeless or something?

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