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My briefcase for my laptop broke where the strap hooks up to it.  Not sure if I’ll be able to fix it or not.  But if that’s the biggest problem in my day I guess I have nothing to complain about in life.

Got asked about doing an interview over Skype for the third time this year, so I just ordered the stuff that should make it possible to do that. (Note: my computers are old, you’re on Windows 7 & I still have a machine with Windows 3.11 (granted I mainly use machines about 7 years old instead of 15))  Kinda excited about the idea actually as I think I can make really simple videos or a webshow using Skype.

Finally made a packet of work for one of my new interns to do.  Should’ve done it a couple weeks ago.

Trying to get some questions together for a battery survey of label owners if anyone has suggestions for it.

Helped a friend out with her grant proposal.  Did a lot of shifting the words around from “what I’d like to do with the money from this grant” to “what I will do with the money from this grant.”  I think the element of confidence that suggests can go a long way.  I need to get to work on a couple grants of my own.

Working on the MySpace promo campaign still.  The changes MySpace has made have made it more time consuming & of course it’s probably less effective today than just a year ago.

So it seems like a lot of musician types I know are still excited about Bandcamp.  I’ve used it three or four times now & the link email has never made it through my spam filters.  Not really the best delivery system….

In the recording sessions McKenzie had me play along with click tracks & did things with shifting riffs around to be closer to perfect both in timing & pitch.  For the idea of a “perfect album” it probably makes sense, but it makes me think about what is my goal in music.  Do I want to write & assemble songs or be able to actually play my songs?  Hard to say.  I’ve always been of the school that recordings should be captures of perfect takes rather than assembled from individual notes of different takes, but with the volume I use loops how can I complain about that type of assembly?  & of course Remora: Mecha is all made by a computer program (Little Drummer Boy).  But I do think I should start practicing playing along with a click track to tighten up my timing a little bit more & make any recordings I do easier for people to do remixes of.  We’ll see what all happens for me actually shifting to being a more professional & competent musician.

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