QRD, The Wet Teens, Google, A Fire is actually Burning (help a Silber artist)

Most of the time the past two days I’ve spent doing proofing for the next QRD.  Always goes slower than I expect.  I think part of it is the change in format from four 5-page interviews to twenty 8-page interviews with the relaunch.  Also spent some time working on the questions for the next series (bass players & label owners).

Finished up the MySpace promo campaign for Remora & started the one for The Wet Teens.  Not sure if it’s worth doing.  The Google Adwords campaign for The Wet Teens gets a ton of clicks.  I might should change the wording around because it might not be getting people looking for music.  It says “The Wet Teens: Glam Rock loved by Ron Jeremy.”

Yesterday the Silber website started looking all screwed up on my computer (grayed out with no links working).  It ends up it was caused by a combination of internet cookies & the Google Analytics javascript.  I cleared my cookies & now it looks fine, but I feel I’m going to have to take out the analytics so no one else runs into it.  I’m kinda glad it happened to me so I know about the problem.

Put up a special page for the mailing list/contest page – http://silbermedia.com/contest  Five free album downloads to a different fan each month.

Martin Newman (Plumerai/Goddakk) just had his apartment catch on fire yesterday.  Why not buy one of his releases so I can cut him a larger royalty check in a couple weeks?

I ordered a couple more little flower lights for trying to use with my optical theremin video projects.  I like www.Meritline.com

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