Video Problems

So for some reason I can’t get my computer to recognize my video camera for importing files.  I spent about 4 hours on it before trying it on my mom’s computer where it mysteriously worked using some Windows Vista utility I’d never heard of (Video Importer(?)) & Windows Movie Maker still wouldn’t import it.  It worked a year ago, so I don’t know what’s wrong.  I can’t find any drivers for it & that seems pretty bogus.  So I don’t know what the eventual solve for it will be short of getting a new camera.  Which is probably what I need to do if I want to really start doing video stuff (something with a bigger lens that acts better in low light & records straight to digital files instead of onto tapes).

I did successfully clone my hard drive & my computer is working fine.  Hopefully it’ll work another 5 years.

Drew two 4 panel comics today.  Still have to scan them in.

Did some work on layout/conversion for Just A Man #4.  Should be done soon.

I got a semi-slanderous review of my comics today.  It said all my comics had the same narrative voice.  Is that saying I have a style (which is true) or do the same thing over & over?  I don’t know.  I guess you could say the same thing about most of the writers I’ve liked over the years – Hesse, Acker, Kafka, Palahniuk, Coupland, Lansdale, Howard, Burroughs – most of their stories can be summed up in one interchangeable sentence (at least to non-fans).  Who’s the bigger hack, someone who does one thing really well over & over again or someone who emulates others & fails routinely?  When I think about it music is the same.  Play to your strengths, you know?

My CD/DVD player is freaking out & I might need to trash it (don’t worry, I’ll take it apart & be frustrated for a few hours first).  Tried to look at some in Best Buy to find a player that has an LED display so I can know the track I hear on a CD.  It seems strange to me that I had the same CD player for over 15 years & now I’m going to be on my fourth in about 6 years.

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