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11pm & I still feel like I got a ton of work to do before sleeping.

Sent out second wave of follow-up emails to press & radio folks.  About 80 of the 200 I hadn’t heard back from last week.  It’s hard to know when it switches from being polite to being harassing when contacting people.  I go with once a week without a response.  Two weeks later if it’s received but unreviewed.  I feel it’s about right to stay in people’s mind.

Sarah June’s “Cowboy” in top 20 at Music World Radio. Vote to help it move up the charts. –

Been sending out the MySpace messages for promoting Sarah June & Carta.  Traditionally (meaning over the past three years) I’ve had a 2% “thank you” to 0.05% “fuck you” responses to the campaigns.  This time out it’s only been about 0.5% “thank you”s.  It makes me wonder if MySpace really is dying like everyone says & if I should shift to elsewhere.  But I don’t really know.  Alexa says MySpace is the fifteenth most popular website & Last FM is 310 & ReverbNation is 2311.  (Silber just made it under 1.4 million if you’re curious.)

I was looking into the various average incomes throughout the world as I’ve been thinking about doing more stuff with musicians in traditionally poor nations because the few hundred dollars a release might make could really help an artist there.  But wow, now I know how much money I’m asking people to pay for CDs.  No wonder people are downloading music like crazy in a lot of places, they’d pay a day’s wages to buy a CD from me.  It makes me wonder about what I should do for the situation.  I’m trying to find out from the bands how music works there economically.  Because to me, how do these bands even afford instruments?  Do they have locally made guitars & pedals or do the brands we know in america cost less there?

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