Ustream, Silbeer, Dreams, & some other stuff

So today I started playing with Ustream a little more.  I’ve got a couple windows running on the 15 year anniversary page.  I was talking to Paul Schrag (Environmental Aesthetics) a bit about my ideas for some crazy stuff to do using Ustream & he was of the opinion that the time has come.  So you might see more video streams coming from me in the future.  Maybe I’ll even invest in some hardware so I can do it in a way that doesn’t look crappy.

I have a bunch of work I need to get done as far as mastering a couple CD’s & getting artwork ready for things, but lately my days have been pretty exhausting with my grandmother & it makes it impossible to get work done when she’s awake & then by the time I’ve decompressed enough to work I’m also ready to go to bed.

I need to start practicing for the show on Saturday.  I haven’t probably played a guitar for an hour in the past six months.  I guess it’s for the best as it makes me like it more when I go back to it.

I did get a Muscle Mass song done for Hal McGee’s sixty second songs compliation.  I can’t remember what the comp is called.  The song was some little glitchy beat thing I made that I thought Darren Hayman might be able to use during January songs if he ran out of steam (but he didn’t run out of steam).

I got the little device to measure the alcohol content in various Silbeers, but it ends up to calculate it you need to measure the density of the fluid before & after fermenting, so it’s too late for everything in the current batches.

Recent Dreams:
I’m selling LSD on blotter paper (sounds like it’s 1991) & I’m trying to create a psychic link to a particular hit of acid (row seven, hit number eight) so that I will be able to become embedded in the mind of the user.  But at some point I lose track of the hit I have embedded a piece of myself in & end up taking it myself.  So I’m stuck with two me’s battling for supremacy over one already fragile brain.

I’m on tour in the station wagon my parents had when I was a kid which was lovingly referred to as “the war wagon” because it looked somewhat post apocalyptic with it’s metallic blue paint peeling off to reveal metal.  I’m playing at some kind of big campground oriented festival & I’m ready to get out of the place but I’m too tired to really try to drive anywhere & I can’t remember who else is in my entourage (& judging from the car there are 4-5 more folks).  I guess I’m just going to have to sleep in the car & hope someone who knows what’s going on manages to find me.  I can’t believe how much the car feels like home.  Much more so than any building I’ve ever lived in.  Sleep comes easily in the driver’s seat.

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